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Ministries & Contacts

First Team Ministry 

Pastor Montez Delaney-Cockrell 

Sister Loretta Delaney

 Prophet Nathiel Gaskins         

Host Ministry

Sister Lynn Jackson

Public Affairs/Multi-Media Ministry

Sister Andrea Roberson

Security Ministry

Brother Jerome Mercer


Diaconate Ministry

Deaconess Mary L. Smallwood

Deaconess Yvonne Prince

Deaconess Lillian Smith

Deaconess Shayla Smith

Deacon James Delaney

Deacon Ulysses Marshall

Deacon Nathaniel Gaskins


Music Ministry

Contact: Sister Loretta Delaney

Marriage Ministry

Contact: Apostle James E. Smallwood &

                  Pastor Mary L. Smallwood     

Contact: (202) 667-1905 or


Impact Ministry Clergy


Pastor George Fields

Pastor Ricco Evans

Pastor Mary L. Smallwood

Associate Pastor Montez Delaney-Cockrell

Elder Bonita Burney-Simmons

Elder Carolyn Bolding

Evangelist Lisa Fonville

Minister Carlos Murrell

Minister Eugene Green

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